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Thank-you so much for visiting.  I'm sharing from my breast cancer diary, books I'm reading, and life reflections and making calendar connections.  Click on any thumbnail below to see the full post. My blog represents an overall focus on thriving through breast cancer.  I hope my experiences offer practical advice, encouragement and cancer support to patients, survivors, families and friends.  In addition to the stories from my breast cancer journal, my ongoing focus on choosing a book (mostly non-fiction books) each month is my mental health practice for continually building my brain and enjoying myself. This is in addition to making music in one way or another as a daily workout and refreshment. Regular playing and performing got me through chemo and radiation.

If  you shop for any of the books I'm recommending, I will be donating 100% of the earnings from my trackable Amazon Affiliate links to https://www.lbbc.org/about-lbbc.  Once you click on one of my links, you can search for used copies of the books.  Click on Book Links below.

As long as you purchase the item while still on Amazon through my initial link, you'll be contributing to my chosen organization for breast cancer education.  

All the books I blog about I've either bought for myself on Amazon, or checked out at my local library.  Keeping track of what I'm learning for my own personal development, and promoting reading and literacy for children and adults are my goals.

Cancer, Books, Music, And Peaceful, Happy Living

Breast Cancer: A One Woman Musical